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Our Certificate for Transformational Change prepares you for the challenges of our age.

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Embark on a journey of system innovation with our comprehensive program. We’ll equip you with the essential skills and knowledge needed to spearhead positive change in society. Whether you aspire to launch your own social enterprise or drive transformation within existing organizations, we’ve got you covered. We’re dedicated to nurturing not just impactful ideas but financially sustainable business models. Upon completion, you’ll earn a prestigious certificate and become part of a vibrant community of like-minded individuals, united in their mission to reshape the world.


Experience a transformative path ahead with our dynamic certificate program, conducted over the course of a single semester. Engage in collaborative efforts within interdisciplinary teams, where interaction, experimentation, and fostering an autonomous and reflective work ethic are paramount. We’re committed to providing personalized support tailored to your unique journey. Throughout the program, you’ll immerse yourself in cutting-edge methods for addressing societal and environmental challenges while connecting deeply with fellow changemakers who share your passion for creating a brighter future.


Whether you’re currently pursuing your studies or advancing your professional development, our Certificate for Transformational Change welcomes you. Tailored for students from the second semester onwards at universities and higher education institutions as well as young professionals eager to enhance their skills in impact entrepreneurship. Your personal commitment to societal issues, from fostering social mobility to promoting sustainable consumption, from addressing migration challenges to advocating lifelong global learning, is the essential prerequisite for participation.

More Information and Application

On 22 July from 9 to 10 AM we will host a Q&A Session online via Zoom, where we provide you with all the program details and you can ask your questions. Sign up for the session below to join us!

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Applications for the Certificate for Transformational Change in the winter semester 2024/25 are open up to and including 30 August. Please note: The program will be held in English during the winter semester.

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The Certificate for Transformational Change is conducted in a blended learning format, featuring on-site block courses in Munich as well as online meetings and courses. The dates for the coming winter semester are as following:

Full day sessions (on site):

  • 25 & 26 October: Understand our system(s) & find your travel companions
  • 15 November: Imagine futures & shape the present
  • 29 November: Adjust your (inner) compass
  • 20 December: Choose the most impactful trail
  • 17 January: Create your entrepreneurial itinerary
  • 31 January: Construct the new & learn from (system) failure
  • 14 February: Get ready to launch – final presentations

Online sessions (9-10:30 AM, online via Zoom):

  • 18 October: Kick off – the journey starts
  • 4 November: Stopover – get & give feedback
  • 9 December: Stopover – get & give feedback
  • 6 January: Stopover – get & give feedback
  • 10 February: Stopover – prepare for final presentations

The program will be conducted in English during the winter semester and in German during the summer semester. If you’d like to receive a reminder as soon as the application for the German language Certificate becomes available, sign up for our application reminder below.

Application Reminder

Fees for Students: 0 Euros

Fees for Professionals:

  • Up to 200 euros for enrollment as an auditor at TUM. Enrollment is to be done independently – more information available here.
  • 149 Euros for receiving the certificate from the Social Entrepreneurship Akademie
  • Possible fees for excursions (Bayern-Ticket)

Crediting up to 9 ECTS is possible in certain cases, depending on your degree program and your university. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this.

The certificate is awarded by the Social Entrepreneurship Akademie upon successful participation. Participation in all parts of the program is required to receive the certificate.

You should have basic knowledge of Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainability as a prerequisite for your participation. You can acquire this in advance, for example through our free MOOC ‘Enabling Social Entrepreneurs To Shape A Better World’.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Carola Vogel or Verena Kaoui.

The Certificate for Transformational Change takes place as part of the cross-university project “Impact for Future”.

My takeaway from the SEA:certificate program was the courage and the confidence to make a decisive contribution to societal change. Our international success has shown that we shouldn’t think small – we should think big! The SEA has always affirmed us in that regard.

Janine Heiner

I benefited tremendously from developing a practical and realistic strategy for how I can achieve something. Thanks to the program I gained a lot of experience, know-how and contacts with inspiring people – and most of all, the courage to act.

Christoph Karmann

Through the SEA:certificate Program, I not only became acquainted with different methods and tools in the context of Social Entrepreneurship, but I also benefited most of all from the diverse perspectives in my year. The collective spirit of this group consistently opened my eyes and gave me the courage to live out my dreams.

Nina Bürklin

The SEA:certificate program enabled me to develop and implement solutions for societal problems.
Anyone who wants to actively help to develop a sustainable future and cares strongly about the good of humanity really should sign up for this program!
In my opinion, the SEA:certificate offers education’s best answer to the challenges of our time – it actually provides urgently needed general knowledge in this day and age!

Mercedes BarkmeyerCorporate Responsibility bei Festo