You want to take on today’s societal challenges?

Thanks to our one-year SEA:certificate program, you can develop and directly implement your own ideas.




Our established program will train you in all the areas required for initiating social innovation. We’ll provide you with knowledge, methods and support so that you can create your own social enterprise or drive change in existing organizations. We’ll nurture the competences you’ll need for your business model to not only generate impact, but also be able to sustain itself. After our year-long program either parallel to your course of study or your occupation, you’ll obtain a certificate and join a vast community of people who are working to change the world.



Our SEA:certificate program is taught in German over the course of two semesters, during which we work in interdisciplinary teams in Munich. Interaction, experimentation and an autonomous and reflective approach to work are important cornerstones of our program. We want to offer you support that is as personalized as possible. In addition to learning the newest and most relevant methods used to solve social and environmental issues, you’ll get to know and appreciated like-minded people who are striving for a better world. The SEA:certificate program allows you to discover your own capabilities and find out how you can use them most effectively.



You can participate in SEA:certificate during your studies or as part of your continuing education. The program is aimed towards students from the second semester onwards at universities and institutions of higher education in the greater Munich area, as well as towards young professionals who wish to become more qualified in the area of effective entrepreneurship. A basic prerequisite for participating is your personal interest in societal issues, such as social mobility, sustainable consumption, migration or lifelong global learning. We expect our participants to be prepared to attend all of the program’s events.

My takeaway from the SEA:certificate program was the courage and the confidence to make a decisive contribution to societal change. Our international success has shown that we shouldn’t think small – we should think big! The SEA has always affirmed us in that regard.

Janine Heiner

I benefited tremendously from developing a practical and realistic strategy for how I can achieve something. Thanks to the program I gained a lot of experience, know-how and contacts with inspiring people – and most of all, the courage to act.

Christoph Karmann

Through the SEA:certificate Program, I not only became acquainted with different methods and tools in the context of Social Entrepreneurship, but I also benefited most of all from the diverse perspectives in my year. The collective spirit of this group consistently opened my eyes and gave me the courage to live out my dreams.

Nina Bürklin

The SEA:certificate program enabled me to develop and implement solutions for societal problems.
Anyone who wants to actively help to develop a sustainable future and cares strongly about the good of humanity really should sign up for this program!
In my opinion, the SEA:certificate offers education’s best answer to the challenges of our time – it actually provides urgently needed general knowledge in this day and age!

Mercedes BarkmeyerCorporate Responsibility bei Festo