Societal problems can only be solved when someone addresses them. We train people to take responsibility for society, our planet and the future. Education paves the way for dealing with challenges.

We will qualify you to do exactly that. Social innovation is born when individuals exploit their full potential.

“The SEA fills a huge gap in the German educational landscape by plausibly demonstrating that it’s possible to strive for financial success and for a better world at the same time.”

– Partner

What we do

Do you want to be among those who don’t just ask questions, but also find answers? We train people who want act entrepreneurially and think socially. You don’t have to choose. We empower people to implement solutions that are economically viable, socially effective and environmentally sustainable. We qualify risk-taking visionaries –  brave trailblazers who are ready to take responsibility. Let’s begin this journey together! We love ideas that have the potential for social transformation. When we blend different disciplines together, we can transcend boundaries.
Are you in?

We bring actors together who think differently –  on a regional, supra-regional and global level – to provide new impulses that have a long-lasting impact. Through our integration with universities, we are able to combine theory with practice. We want to make a difference that is both sustainable and long-term, which is why we ourselves live out what we want to pass on: we think, act and support ourselves like a social enterprise.

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