Our free consulting service for social startups

Social-Startup-Hub Bayern

Do you have questions or are you looking for support on your way to your social enterprise? You want to meet like-minded people to exchange ideas? Or do you need input and impulses around the topic social startup? Then find first information in our Social Startup Guide, register with us for a free consultation or network at one of our events. Read moreā€¦

Our international boot camp


Become part of our worldwide community of the Global Entrepreneurship Summer School! During this unique educational program, you will develop entrepreneurial solutions together with other top students from all over the world. In an interdisciplinary team you will grow beyond your limits. Read more…

Our year-long program


We’ll provide you with knowledge, methods and support so that you can create your own social enterprise or to drive change in existing organizations. After our semester-long program either parallel to your course of study or your occupation, you’ll obtain a certificate and join a vast community of world changers. Read more…

Our workshop for beginners


You don’t have a lot of time, but you’re highly motivated to actively seek entrepreneurial and innovative solutions to today’s challenges? Then our intensive workshop SEA:start for students and young professionals is just what you need. Read more…

Our program for educators


Our Teach-The-Teacher program provides educators with knowledge, methods and tools to enable students to tackle societal and environmental challenges. Read more…

Our consultancy program


Take on the role of a consultant for one semester in a team with other Master’s students and support social enterprises in increasing their impact. In an interdisciplinary team you will gain practical experience and first-hand insights! Read more…

Our international online program


Our free Massive Open Online Courses are our flexible offer for all those who want to qualify themselves independently. Take a look at our courses on edX: “Enabling Entrepreneurs To Shape A Better World”, “Future Skills” and “Social Entrepreneurship – Von der Idee zur Umsetzung”. Read more…

Our fun exercise material

SEA:training cards

Our universally applicable training cards for social entrepreneurs and all those who want to become one are structured similarly to a game quartet and are your ideal instrument for discovering new approaches and getting exciting impulses. Read more…