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We believe that the world is full of people who want to make a difference. Are you one of them? Are you looking for impulses to take action, or already active and looking to further your education? Then our Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) “Enabling Entrepreneurs To Shape A Better World” is just the thing for you. A series of short videos will connect you to international social start-ups and experts from whom you will learn a great deal.



Over the course of six modules, you will become acquainted with the knowledge, methods and tools you need to drive societal change through entrepreneurial means, and you’ll also learn how to use them. When taking our interactive online course, you’ll receive four to six hours of input every week from different speakers, free of charge, on the renowned edX platform. Together with other international students, you’ll become part of a worldwide social entrepreneurship community that is incredibly diverse. You’ll be able to discuss and develop your ideas with them in real time, thereby benefiting from the dynamic learning structure of a MOOC.



Whether it’s with your smartphone or a laptop –  you decide where and when you want to study. Our MOOC is designed for curious people who want to learn about new concepts. For change makers who want to network internationally and want to contribute to building a better world. For people who want to study using an approach that is both flexible and interactive. Come and join us!

Wide range of topics

From impact measurement, business modeling to purpose and system innovation.

Interactive and flexible learning

Simply learn from home. You set your own pace!

International experts

Learn from over 25 international experts who share their knowledge with you.

Social Entrepreneurship Community

Connect with other learners from around the world.

Enabling Entrepreneurs to Shape a Better World

You want to dive into Social Entrepreneurship and shape the world positively without much effort? In our MOOC, you will receive four to six hours of input from international experts in six modules. Together with other learners from around the world you will become part of an international Social Entrepreneurship community. Here you can exchange thoughts, talk about your ideas and develop them further and benefit from the dynamic learning structure of a MOOC.

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Future Skills

Only available in German.

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Social Entrepreneurship –
von der Idee zur Umsetzung

Only available in German.

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Durch den MOOC konnte ich nochmal ganz von vorne in das Thema Social Entrepreneurship einsteigen. Ich habe den Kurs gemacht als ich gerade auf Reisen war. Ob auf dem Boot oder in der Hängematte - die Kursmodule kann man genau dann anhören, wann es passt.

Susanna Eder

People care! Imagine you live in a world where a group of people get together with the purpose of creating and curating original content featuring amazing leaders, with the sole purpose of helping you change your life for the better, by helping other people change their life for the better. And then give it all away for free. Well you don’t have to imagine. It’s exactly what SEA did with this course.

Winum Jan

"Enabling Entrepreneurs to Shape a Better World“ ist ein ganz besonderer MOOC. Neben einer unglaublich großen Fülle an toll aufbereiteten Inhalten, wertvollem Fachwissen und einer Vielzahl unterschiedlicher Experten aus der Praxis bietet dieser MOOC sehr viel Raum, um über die eigene Haltung zu reflektieren. Sehr anschaulich und auf eine humorvolle und sympathische Art und Weise zeigen die Experten und Moderatoren, worauf es im Social Business wirklich ankommt. Alles in allem ein sehr lehrreicher und gleichzeitig unterhaltsamer MOOC. Chapeau!

Christina Fedaie