Funding Support for your participation at GESS!

How much money do I need?

On-site edition

During your participation in GESS, you will receive full room and board. In addition, the cost of public transportation incurred during the program will also be covered by us.

However, all travel expenses to and from your GESS location must be paid by you. In addition, you are responsible for all costs incurred outside the program as well as for additional, individually organized activities. Depending on your plans and interests, you should therefore bring sufficient spending money.

Funding opportunitites

Your chances of receiving funding may be higher if you ask several potential funders for small amounts. Below is a list of potential funders for you:


Some universities offer scholarship programs or provide students with funding for international training courses and summer schools. Please enquire with your Student Career services.

Companies, organizations, NGOs

We recommend contacting (local) companies, organizations, SMEs or NGOs you have a (personal) connection to. Be sure to share information with your potential funders about why you are making a positive impact on them or your community.

Crowdfunding platforms

In general, crowdfunding is a way of raising money to finance a business as well as projects or personal causes. Via an online platform/campaign, it enables you to collect small amounts of money from a large number of people. The donations are made through an online funding portal. If your campaign is successful,  the platforms are likely to charge you a small amount of money. Below you´ll find a few examples. Check which one is most suitable for you!

  • Kickstarter: It works on three bases: First, it supports projects; second, the funding is all-or-nothing; third, you might consider giving a reward to your contributors. On Kickstarter, you need to set a funding goal and a deadline.
  • GoGetFunding: Here, you can raise funds for personal causes and projects in four easy steps. This platform describes itself as “Europe-based”
  • Indiegogo: A multipurpose crowdfunding platform, where start-up’s and individuals can promote their causes looking for investors and donors 
  • GoFundMe: This platform focuses on fundraising for individuals and their personal causes. It offers online support and is easy to use. However, it is only available in some countries
  • FreeFunder: FreeFunder provides a completely free option for people who are raising money for personal causes.
Country-specific Scholarships 

Sometimes (governmental) organizations offer scholarships for students from specific countries. We recommend you to look for your home country as well as the country of your GESS location.

  • e.g., Germany: German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)