You want to overcome today’s challenges technologically and in a sustainable way?
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What’s SEA:hackathon?

SEA:hackathon is our two-day event for all those who want to foster sustainable innovation by technological means. Within 48 hours we develop new ideas in heterogeneous teams – this time for more sustainable forms of mobility in Munich.


The term ‘hackathon‘ stems from the combination of ‘hacking’ and ‘marathon’. Originally it referred to the get together of coders but is now used in a broader sense. Nowadays designer, entrepreneurs, ecologists etc. are equally involved in a hackathon. Technological understanding and coding skills are an asset but no requirement. Our experts and coaches make sure to take everybody on this journey through the world of tech-solutions – whether hippy, hipster, hustler or hacker.

Our next hackathon: mobility transition

This time it’s all about sustainable forms of mobility. Smart city, electric cars, e-scooters. No, we will focus on pedestarian, bike and commuters’ traffic as well as on public transport. Sounds banal, doesn’t it? Our guiding question is: How can we achieve that thanks to technology people are moving more sustainably in Munich?

By means of voice assistants and virtual/augmented reality we will create climate-friendly forms of mobility for Munich.

At our second hackathon on the 15th and 16th of November 2019 it’s your chance to develop green innovations and to make Munich more ecological.


Sign up now until the 8th of November by filling out the form below. Note that this is a German event. That’s why the form is held in German, too.

Why should I participate? 

Join in, if you want to…

  • learn how to solve ecological problems by means of technology
  • learn how make mobility more climate-friendly
  • develop creative ideas in an interdisciplinary team
  • challenge yourself during our free two-day event

Who else is involved?

This year’s hackathon takes place in close cooperation with the City of München, M:UniverCity, LMU InnovationsGeist, Zentrum Digitalisierung Bayern, Münchener Klimaherbst and Hans Sauer Stiftung. Moreover, we’re pleased to have Amazon Web Services at our side as our technology partner.

Künstliche Intelligenz und 3D Druck

Togehter with the Hans-Sauer-StiftungCIB and the Zentrum Digitalisierung Bayern we organized our last hackathon on resilient cities. Read more about it here.

erster SEA Hackathon zum Thema resiliente Städte

"The best hackathon I've been to so far!"

participant of our first hackathon

"Super interesting input, great coaches, coding-workshops and Brezn!"

participant of our first hackathon

"Thanks to the hackathon, I'm now less afraid of tech-topics and see new areas for implementation."

participant of our first hackathon