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As the go to contact for impact-driven startups and aspiring social entrepreneurs, we know the challenges along the way and will help you to overcome them.



As the place to go for social start-ups, we unite support from all regions of Bavaria. Our free consultations, offered to all individuals and teams, are available to those who value sustainability and advance social change through entrepreneurial endeavours. Our events are the ideal place to exchange ideas with other entrepreneurial, social impact-focused individuals in Bavaria.



We offer free networking and consultations to individuals and teams throughout the lifespan of a project. Whether a project idea has matured or already been implemented, we are here to help! What counts is the potential impact of the idea and its focus on sustainability.



Your enthusiasm and passion for a social cause are at the center of what we do. Our aim in an initial consultation is to learn more about you and your project, and to plan next steps together. We will aid you on an individual or team level and also offer many larger events that allow for networking with like-minded people.

Social innovations for Bavaria

If you consider yourself a pioneer and a ‘doer’ you are in the right place. Your ideas have the potential to impact the future of Bavaria, as well as the surrounding cities and regions..

Advice and support

If you have a specific question or are looking for support in your region, you’ve come to the right place! Please reach out to us by email or give us a call and we’d be happy to assist you.

Network with like-minded people

Are you looking for connections, collaboration and inspiration? Come to our events and connect with key entrepreneurial players across Bavaria.


Are you looking for orientation, tips and tricks? Our guide outlines different ways of support available to you in Bavaria and provides complimentary troubleshooting for initial start-up challenges.


If you have a specific question or are looking for support in your region, then you’ve come to the right place. Email us or give us a call and we’d be happy to assist you.

Anne Dörner
Start-up Consulting
+49 1765 5076614


Lena Holzinger

Project Manager

This project is funded by the Bavarian Ministry for Family, Labour and Social Affairs

The support from SEA has helped us a lot! The counseling sessions gave us tailored support and encouragement. We are especially grateful for the communication help during the crowdfunding campaign.

Gedi DeckersFeierabendglück

The start-up advice was extremely helpful because, with SEA, we had a competent partner to bounce ideas off of and to learn from when working through our concept and strategic concerns. We continue to learn about methods and content frequently. The suggestions we received are implemented regularly.

Max FelsnerSocial-Bee

We have benefited greatly from the professional advice from SEA. We were particularly impressed by the clear, goal-oriented solutions offered which were easy to implement and yet so effective. We were able to integrate the feedback into our work perfectly.

Regina Lux-HahnKinderopernhaus Lichtenberg

SEA rocks! The advice helped us to concentrate on the most important things. We’ve enjoyed interacting with an experienced consultant.

Fabian EckertreCup

With SEA we’ve been able to achieve so much. We defined the term “impact film”, developed a three-stage model with cross-financing and pro-bono alternative in the form of a competition, developed the concept for the film competition, and produced 12 impact films. This rapid development would not have been possible without the methodical support and the vital comments from our start-up consultant Anne Dörner.

Philipp ExlerforStory

As founders, we have found a key partner in the Social Entrepreneurship Academy.

Markus, Chris und Andreasmobile hydro

Working with Anne challenged us to be better, offered intensive support and inspired us! She encouraged us to find the right path forward and often asked questions that were worth seeking answers to.

Ingrid GasserHIGH FIVE


Photos @StMAS/Tina Nötel