Our start-up support for idealistic entrepreneurs. We know the obstacles on the path to social entrepreneurship, and we’ll help you overcome them.




We support projects that create great social value and are sustainable at the same time. Whether you want to found an association or a social enterprise, start a CSR project with your employer or launch an awareness campaign –  what matters to us is your cause, your enthusiasm for it and your ability to make a living with it.



People are often confronted with specific challenges when implementing social initiatives. We know this from our own experience as social entrepreneurs –  which is why it is our goal to pass on our expertise and recipes for success to you. We want to provide you and your team with optimal support in sustainably developing your ideas and successfully establishing yourselves on the market.



You’ll never walk alone. Behind your idea, there is a strong and resilient team that shares your vision and wants to help you push social change forward. Each of you is involved  – 100% – and you aim to be financially sustainable in the medium to long term. – Innovation is relative! Have you discovered a smart solution that doesn’t exist here yet? In this case imitation is allowed, for there is still much work to be done. – The most important thing is that it works!

How we can support you


Our coaching –  for projects with a clear agenda

You know what you want, and above all, what you need? Then it’s time to win over your first partners and investors with an irresistible concept. In this situation especially, intensive coaching can be of invaluable support. In this case, it does not matter if you’ve already started an initiative, if you’re mainly focused on operations or if you’re already exploring new ideas for growth.

Together, we’ll set milestones and drive your project forward with goal-oriented action planning and implementation recommendations. This is how we’ll lay the foundation for sustainably developing your idea and paving the way to your first round of financing.

And after that? We’ll stay in touch, of course! As alumni, you’ll become part of the SEA community and will be able to benefit from its large network and the many possibilities therein.

Receiving assistance from SEA has been very helpful for us. While we found support and motivation particularly in the consultation sessions, their support in the area of communications was worth its weight in gold, especially during our crowdfunding campaign.

Gedi DeckersFeierabendglück

The start-up support is extremely helpful to us – with SEA, we have a competent sparring and coaching partner for our conceptual and strategic work. We learn something every time, both in terms of methods and substance, and we implement their recommendations on a regular basis.

Max Felsner Social-Bee

We’ve greatly benefited from SEA’s professional coaching. We were particularly impressed by the clear and goal-oriented solutions they proposed, which were easy to implement and yet so effective. We were able to integrate the results in our work perfectly.

Regina Lux-HahnKinderopernhaus Lichtenberg

SEA rocks! The consultations help enormously with concentrating on what’s most important. We enjoy exchanging with an experienced consultant.

Fabian EckertreCup

Together with SEA, we defined the term “impact film”, developed a three-tier model with cross-financing and a pro bono alternative in the form of a contest, elaborated the concept for the film competition and produced 12 impact films. Without our start-up consultant Anne Dörner’s methodological support and critical recommandations, this rapid development would not have been possible.

Philipp ExlerforStory

For us as founders, the Social Entrepreneurship Akademie is an ideal partner to have. Content-related advice, access to expert knowledge and involvement in events – all of this with a positive energy – creates an appetite for more. What’s most important to us, however, is the inspiration and the confirmation that we’re on the right track.

Markus, Chris and Andreasmobile hydro

Working with Anne was challenging, educational and inspiring. She confirmed to us that we were on the right track and very often asked us the right questions, and it was rewarding to find the answers to those questions.

Ingrid GasserHIGH FIVE

KIKUS has existed for 18 years now – in that time, we’ve trained 2531 multiplicators and supported a total of almost 160,000 children. Our non-profit organization currently has around 100 members. With SEA’s help, we’ve been able to develop our structures accordingly: the vision, mission, results chain, process analyses and SRS-based communications are a significant part of our thought and action processes today. Thank you!

Edgardis GarlinKIKUS